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We are very proud of our new Values Wheel so please open up the page to view:

Embrace the future: Step up to life with hope and confidence. Be vibrant, reflect
and learn. Know that you are loved and let this be the kindling of a generous heart.
Above all, make the best of the gifts God has given you as a unique individual.

St Peter’s School promotes Christian values and fosters an environment of spirituality, creativity and respect where everyone is valued and each child can achieve their full potential.

• To create an environment where all learners can achieve their full potential, academic or otherwise.
• To provide each child with a broad and balanced education within a Christian ethos which will foster his/her intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, spiritual and physical development.
• To encourage a high level of involvement, positive attitude and achievement so that children develop a zest for learning which will remain with them through their school days and beyond.
• To promote a sense of awe and wonder and develop a sense of enquiry and an enthusiasm for new experiences.
• To develop in children a sense of self-esteem, self-reliance, independence and a confidence in their own worth.
• To create a learning environment where the children feel confident to make appropriate choices and so develop self-discipline and a responsibility for their own actions.
• To develop an awareness of other people and a respect for their religious, spiritual, cultural and social differences so that the children may take their place in society as tolerant, caring people.
• To forge links with parents, the extended family and the community.


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